I have new heartburn. I have been taking an acid reducer but it doesn't seem to be working. Do I have anything to worry about? Should I wait until it passes?

27 -year-old man5 years ago
Since last night at dinner I have had acid reflux. I never had any in the past. This morning I was fine until I ate a small piece of cheese.
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2 hours

27 -year-old man · 5 years ago
Ranitidine 150mg
27 -year-old man · 5 years ago
I would like to clarify that the burning is in the lower neck area, not in the chest
Charles Dagenais · 5 years ago
You can continue to take Ranitidine 150mg morning and evening for a few days if necessary
Pay particular attention to avoid foods that irritate the stomach (tea, coffee, acidic or spicy foods).
Foods high in fat (including cheese) slow down the emptying of the stomach and can increase your symptoms
Favour foods that are easy to digest and avoid eating large portions at a time.
Do not hesitate to consult your pharmacist if your symptoms persist or are not sufficiently relieved with ranitidine.
27 -year-old man · 5 years ago
Thank you

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