My super nurse called me today to tell me that in my last blood test my platelets had increased. Is this related to my parotitis?

32-year-old woman5 years ago
I was supposedly having parotitis at the time. I had a c-section too on November 9. Could this be the cause of the increase in platelets? If not, what could cause this? Thank you
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3 hours

Alexandre Chagnon · 5 years ago
Good evening ma'am,
Would you like to know why your platelets have risen? Or is there a connection between rising platelets and parotitis?
32-year-old woman · 5 years ago
Hello ,
I would like to know what can cause an increase in platelets and also if there is a connection between parotitis and the increase in platelets .
It stresses me out a lot
Alexandre Chagnon · 5 years ago
There are an almost infinite number of causes of increased platelets. An infection or inflammation like the one you had when you had parotitis is an example.
In other words, parotitis is more likely to have caused the increase in platelets than the other way around.
You shouldn't worry about it any further. This fluctuation in platelets is normal in a person's life.
Happy ending,
Alexandre Chagnon, pharmacist

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