I have water retention, I am swollen everywhere, especially in my stomach. Do you have any tips on how to reduce it?

18-year-old woman4 years ago
This is due to my leukemia treatments.
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Alexandre Chagnon · 4 years ago
Hello Ma'am,
Some chemotherapy treatments can indeed create swelling/water retention. Unfortunately, there is very little that can be done (especially when the person is also taking cortisone with their chemo or to reduce nausea).
The best that can be done, in many cases, is to discuss it with the treating team/pivot nurse to see if they could give a little less fluid via vein during treatments, or see if they have any other tricks depending on the chemo you are taking (I don't know what your "recipe" is).
Good luck with this :)
Good evening,
Alexandre Chagnon, pharmacist

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