What should I do if my period is 4 days late and the test is negative after 3 days?

24-year-old woman3 years ago
I track my cycle on an app and usually I am very regular. After three days I took a pregnancy test, but it was negative. We are now 4 days late. I don't feel any symptoms other than a pain in my lower abdomen like I'm going to be in my week.
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9 hours

Sarah-Yan Chagnon · 3 years ago
On the one hand, it can sometimes happen to have a delay in one's period, even for very regular people. There is no specific cause and it is not dangerous.
On the other hand, for pregnancy tests, it can happen that a test is falsely negative, especially if it is done too early. In fact, many companies guarantee 99% pregnancy detection if the test is done 7 days after the delay of the period
Therefore, I suggest that you wait 1 week. If you still do not have your period, then you can redo a pregnancy test as a precaution.
Sarah-Yan Chagnon · 3 years ago
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Sarah-Yan Chagnon, pharmacist

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