Is it possible that my stitches or staples in my stomach could fall out?

21-year-old womana year ago
Hello, two days ago I had a gastrectomy If so, how do I know if these have failed
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an hour

Naji-tom Samaha · a year ago
Good morning, ma'am,
Yes, it is always possible for staples to come loose. Did you receive any post-op reading material during your discharge?
21-year-old woman · a year ago
These are only documents for my diet and not for post-op care
Naji-tom Samaha · a year ago
Thank you for the clarification.
As for sutures or staples at the incision site, the presence of discharge or increased discharge should be reported to the nurse or physician.
For internal staples, this question should be redirected to the nurse or surgeon, depending on their location.
Tom Samaha, pharmacist

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