Are longer stools a sign of colon cancer?

61-year-old woman6 years ago
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61-year-old woman · 6 years ago
I'm a little worried, is it true if one has rather long excrement, it's a sign of colon cancer, I tend to be constipated usually, small hard poop, and when I take like laxaday or drink more, to try not to be constipated, I notice it's often long, but medium size. and it worries me,
Two months ago, I passed the stool dector, with stool sample, but no news, so it must be ok, but I have a scary fear of passing a colonoscopy, so I would refuse, but also I tend to the external hemorrhoid, small,,, I use anusol often, when it happens and it goes away,,,,,,,, it can depend on that also the stools not large.
I will never have a colonoscopy, so what do you suggest....... thank you for your opinion....... and laxaday , it's new ,,, I've taken it just 1 time, but I will take it if I see I'm constipated, yesterday I increased fluids , I didn't need it today.....
Thank you very much and have a great day ........................... I don't drink alcohol. i eat well, lots of fiber, i don't smoke .... but i do eat quite a bit of sugar, i'm trying to cut down on it now........
Alexandre Chagnon · 6 years ago
Hello ma'am,
The fact that your stool is "longer" than normal is not a common sign of colon cancer. Rather, we are looking to see if there is occult blood loss in the stool (the famous test you took).
Be aware that it is indeed possible for longer stools to occur after a period of relative constipation.
If you want to know if your test did not show any sign of blood, you can access your file and your results through the Carnet Santé Québec company.
Good day,
Alexandre Chagnon, pharmacist
61-year-old woman · 6 years ago
Thank you very much ...

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