Bubble bath and post-abortion sex.

31-year-old woman4 years ago
I am on day 9 after my surgical abortion and I have decided to take a bubble bath which was forbidden to me at least the first 7 days. Is this dangerous? And when can I have safe sex? And can I really check the status of my IUD after 9 days?
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Jean-françois Giguère · 4 years ago
Hello Mrs,
If your post-abortion recovery is going well, I don't see a problem with the bubble bath and sexual intercourse.
If you have any doubts about your recovery, which may be presented by: pain, heavy bleeding or fever. Then it is better to see your doctor again.
Concerning the IUD, I imagine that it was inserted during the abortion. However, I don't understand the question. Can you be more specific?
31-year-old woman · 4 years ago
My post abortion booklet said that I should have my IUD checked after my period, but it has always been intermittent for the last 9 days. Do I really need to make an appointment with my doctor if I think everything is fine?
Jean-françois Giguère · 4 years ago
If all is well. No need to consult a doctor.
However, you should still have your IUD checked by your doctor after your next period or in 4 to 12 weeks after the IUD is inserted.
This way, you can be sure that it is still in place, effective and safe.
31-year-old woman · 4 years ago

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