I have a red patch on my foot, what should I do?

38-year-old womana year ago
Hello, For several months, I have had a red plaque on my foot. After several treatments for athlete's foot and eczema, the plaque is still present.
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Naji-tom Samaha · a year ago
Good morning, ma'am,
It is quite difficult to evaluate the situation without a physical assessment. Have you ever consulted a professional for this problem? Would you be able to send us some well-lit images of the affected area?
Could you list all the treatments you have tried and the length of time they took?
Thank you for your time!
38-year-old woman · a year ago
38-year-old woman · a year ago
38-year-old woman · a year ago
i did 2 treatments of 4 weeks of tolnafate cream USP 1%, twice a day
I also did a 2 week treatment of Canestin, 2x a day
I also tried a treatment of Betaderm 0.1% for 10 days.
Naji-tom Samaha · a year ago
Thank you for the information.
If you experience itching, I suggest applying a fragrance-free moisturizer like Aveeno 3 to 4 times a day if possible. Encourage the use of a fragrance-free soap like Dove.
I also suggest wearing cotton socks as they allow for better breathing.
If this measure does not offer any improvement, it would be appropriate to consult a doctor so as not to delay the right treatment, if any.
I hope I've been helpful and I'm available if you have any further questions!
Tom Samaha, pharmacist

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