Tamoxifen rebound effect: is it possible?

50-year-old woman5 years ago
Hello, Sorry for this second question in 48 hours... Can stopping Tamoxifen cause a rebound effect of hormones? I have been off Tamoxifen since April 6th. My intention, after discussing with my oncologist, is to resume the drug at 10 mg. However, I was waiting to feel better, because 3 weeks after stopping, I started to have symptoms of physical discomfort. I am wondering if these symptoms are not due to stopping the medication; if a rebound effect is possible. Thank you very much in advance.
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Genevieve Duperron · 5 years ago
There is no rebound. It is difficult for me to answer your question without knowing the reasons that led you to stop the medication or exactly what symptoms you are experiencing now. I will give you a general answer, but don't hesitate to ask me again if the answer doesn't seem to answer your question well. Generally, when tamoxifen is introduced, we mention to patients that it can sometimes cause slight nausea and/or bone pain at the beginning of the treatment, but generally it is quite easy to control these side effects either by taking the medication at bedtime if nausea or by taking a painkiller such as Tylenol if pain. Sometimes the menstrual cycle is disturbed when tamoxifen is introduced and may also be disturbed when it is stopped. What more often leads to the temporary discontinuation of the treatment and eventually to the resumption of a lower dose as you mentioned to me is the hot flashes. Note that there is a way to have other non-hormonal pharmacological treatments (clonidine or venlafaxine) prescribed by your doctor if the hot flashes bother you. Finally, your doctor may have monitored certain parameters that could have been disturbed (white blood cells or platelets, calcium levels that may have risen or cholesterol), but generally patients have few symptoms. The drug can stay in the blood for a long time, but after 1 and a half months of stopping it, there would be none left. So whatever symptoms you are currently experiencing would no longer be secondary to tamoxifen or to stopping it

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