I performed a sinus rinse. I got water in my ear. Since then, my ear is blocked (it's been over 5 hours). What to do?

31-year-old woman4 years ago
I am currently treating sinusitis with antibiotics
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7 hours

Alexandre Chagnon · 4 years ago
Hello Ma'am,
In such a situation, it is best to do the modified Valsalva maneuver. This will allow the water to flow from the middle ear to the throat.
To do this, you need to do the following steps: plug your nose with your fingers, close your mouth and "blow", then swallow quickly.
This will create negative pressure that will draw the water to the throat. For best results, you can use a decongestant spray such as Dristan or Otrivin 30 minutes before the technique.
Happy day,
Alexandre Chagnon, pharmacist

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