Can tegretol give cancer? I read this and is there a drug in the same class that is better for this side effect?

62-year-old woman3 years ago
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Vincent Ouellet · 3 years ago
Good evening,
With the help of an excellent pharmacy intern, we checked the available studies and expert opinions.
In relation to the risk of cancer, there were 2 concerns raised in the studies: the liver and the skin.
In terms of the liver, there were cases in rats that had been given much higher doses than in humans. The problem was not reproduced in human studies
On the skin, it seems that Tegretol increases the risk of certain types of skin cancer very slightly (1 case per approximately 8000 patients), and this seems to be related to the fact that the product makes the skin more sensitive to the sun. The same phenomenon has been observed with other drugs used for other health problems, and the common point seems to be the higher sensitivity to the sun. Therefore, experts recommend insisting on sun protection when taking these medications, and thus the risk is reduced.
Regarding your age, there is absolutely no problem, the product is extensively studied and used in patients over 60.
Finally, you should know that there are many alternatives to Tegretol, but since it is a product used for a multitude of health problems and conditions, it varies depending on the reason for which it was prescribed. I encourage you to discuss this with your doctor.
I remind you that this product should never be stopped abruptly and that follow-up blood tests requested by your doctor are important and must be respected.
I hope I have been helpful to you today!

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