What should I do about my 15-month-old baby's eczema?

25-year-old woman6 months ago
My 15 month old baby has several dry and rough patches, from his neck to his feet. I have tried several types of moisturizers. Several body soaps and I have even tried shower oil. We have been recommended cortisone cream before, but nothing works. I don't know which cream to turn to anymore or could it be an allergic reaction to something and I need to see a doctor. Because her family doctor says to just put the cream on but doesn't do any more tests. I'm a little confused about all this.
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Naji-tom Samaha · 6 months ago
Hello Mrs.,
In order to better advise you, would it be possible to know exactly which creams you tried for this, and how often you applied them?
Thank you!
25-year-old woman · 6 months ago
Hi, wow thanks for the quick response!!! I am really amazed đŸ€©
We have already tried Aveeno brand cream as well as the infant soap for dry skin
Then we tried the Glasalbase brand cream. This cream made the eczema patches even more bright red and even dry out her skin even more.
then we tried the Dexyane cream for very dry skin. We used the Aveno soap bar
Seeing no improvement we turned to the Eucerin cream and soap. But on the contrary, these dry patches only increased. So we stopped using it right away and decided to turn to the Bioderma shower oil and the La Roche Posay milk for very dry to rough skin
we are currently with this oil Bioderma and the milk La Roche Posay for 1 month but its dryness does not make that increase it is plated really everywhere of the neck to foot of dryness. The patches are of a good size, the equivalent of a 2$ coin. But on his belly it is full of small red pebbles the size of a pin. We apply cream twice a day, morning and evening. He takes a warm water bath every night but we only wash him twice a week
thank you
Naji-tom Samaha · 6 months ago
Thanks for the information!
The creams you mentioned and tried like Aveeno (as long as it's the fragrance free one) and Glaxal Base and Eucerin are usually effective. The only downside is that they need to be applied often, like at every diaper change to help incorporate it into a routine.
In cases where this is insufficient, I usually suggest a more oily product like Aquaphor or even Vaseline.
That being said, if the oil you use seems to help, I suggest applying it much more often than twice a day
After bathing, avoid rubbing the skin dry. Instead, I suggest lightly patting to leave a thin layer of moisture on it, then applying the moisturizer quickly after getting out of the bath
Choose cotton clothing/pyjamas as they allow for better breathability. Also, if the air in your home is dry, I suggest considering a humidifier.
Moisturizing can be quite demanding, but you have to be persistent. If it doesn't seem to improve at all after 2 weeks, I would suggest trying an oilier product like those mentioned.
I hope I've been helpful, I'm still available if you have any other questions!
Tom Samaha, pharmacist

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