What are the differences (side effects) of Armidex, Femera, Tamoxifene in the treatment of hormone therapy following breast cancer.

54-year-old woman6 years ago
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54-year-old woman · 6 years ago
Radiation therapy completed. I am menopausal.
Isabelle Pelletier · 6 years ago
Hello madam, the 3 molecules have the indication as adjuvant treatment following a breast cancer. Arimidex and femara have a similar mechanism of action ("arômatase inhibitor") while tamoxifen is rather an anti-estrogen for breast tissue. The side effects can be very variable from one person to another but I will briefly describe the main ones reported for each of these molecules: Tamoxifen: hot flush (25-81%), mood changes (12-18%), vaginal discharge (9-55%), nausea (26%)... Arimidex: hot flashes (12-36%), mood changes (19%), abdominal discomfort (29-34%), nausea (11-20%), osteoporosis (11%).... and finally femara: hot flashes (6-50%), headache (4-20%), joint pain (8-25%), high cholesterol (3-52%), nausea (9-17%), osteoporosis (5-15%).... Most women tolerate these molecules very well and should not be too alarmed by the percentages described. I recommend that you talk to your doctor who can help you choose the most appropriate treatment for you or consult your pharmacist for a more exhaustive list... I hope I have helped you a little, do not hesitate to contact me if you need, have a nice day, Isabelle Pelletier

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