I have red patches that appear when I get out of the shower. Is this normal?

32-year-old woman6 years ago
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32-year-old woman · 6 years ago
When I got out of the shower, I saw perfectly round and red patches of different sizes (size like 0.05$ or so) on my biceps and the same thing on the other arm, in the same place, but only one patch. They are not contoured and do not sting and seem to be almost gone, but not completely after about 2 hours. I am someone who has a lot of moles so any skin abnormalities always worry me a little.
Stéphanie Moffet · 6 years ago
These plaques do not seem to be a problem at first sight. The fact that they disappear quickly is reassuring. Since they do not itch, no treatment would be necessary at this time. Consult us if the plaques come back in greater numbers.

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