I have persistent reflux symptoms even with medication?

65-year-old woman2 years ago
Hello, Currently 2 pantoloc original per day, for qq months since 1 week, insufficient...after 3 hrs of the evening meal, feeling of being stuffed, painful stomach...reflux, I have to take 2 Gaviscon before going to bed. (Taken without success Prevacid...zantac, esomeprazole, omeprazole The only problem improved since early June 2020...less coughing and secretions) Do you think my situation is getting worse? What do you suggest? Should I reconsult? Thank you
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21 hours

Naji-tom Samaha · 2 years ago
Hello, thank you for your question, but unfortunately the description of the case as you do is beyond the scope of pharmacy practice
The fact that all the options listed have been tried without success requires a medical evaluation
I strongly urge you to consult a physician.
Sorry I can't be more helpful at this time
Tom Samaha, Pharmacist
65-year-old woman · 2 years ago
Thank you, I'm going to see a gastro enterologist soon...not easy to get appointments...
Naji-tom Samaha · 2 years ago
Indeed, the delays can be quite long. Taking Gaviscon as needed, in addition to what you are already taking, is a good option while waiting for your re-evaluation!
Don't hesitate if anything comes up!
Tom Samaha, Pharmacist

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