Sore throat after oral sex. How long does it take before the symptoms of an STI appear in the throat and the act itself?

23-year-old woman2 years ago
Hello, I had a sexual adventure and I had a sore throat the following days. I could have caught a cold because it was raining and very cold. I don't have a fever or chills, I just have a very sore throat, like a flu.
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14 hours

Alexandre Chagnon · 2 years ago
Hello 😊
For most sexually transmitted diseases, symptoms will appear a few days after contact (2 days to several weeks/months later). This obviously depends on which disease it is, as incubation periods can vary (time between contact and onset of symptoms). Here is a link in which you can read the incubation period of the different diseases as well as the associated symptoms.
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Also, during oral sex, the presence of the penis in the mouth and at the entrance to the throat can create irritation. This can persist for a few days after intercourse and can be similar to a cold or flu sore throat. It is safe and can be relieved with lozenges to soothe the throat. 😊
No, I would encourage you to go for a screening if you are ever in doubt! With STDs, it's better to be more cautious than less, especially since some people will never develop symptoms even if they are infected.
Here's a site that allows you to find a testing center near you based on your postal code 😊.
I hope this answers your question!
Véronique Leclerc, pharmacy intern (under the supervision of Alexandre Chagnon, pharmacist)
23-year-old woman · 2 years ago
Thank you so much! I will do anything to get tested! Thank you, have a great evening
Alexandre Chagnon · 2 years ago
Great! Good evening to you too and don't hesitate if you have any other questions 😊
Véronique Leclerc, pharmacy intern (under the supervision of Alexandre Chagnon, pharmacist)

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