Is a sore throat a good reason to go to the emergency room or can I wait for my medical appointment in 2 weeks?

37-year-old woman7 years ago
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3 days

37-year-old woman · 7 years ago
Hello, I have had a sore throat for 2 weeks, I do not cough and my nose is not blocked. My ganglions are big to the touch and I have difficulty swallowing. I have an appointment with the doctor in 2 weeks. Do you think it will get worse by then or should I go to the emergency room?
Isabelle Leclerc · 7 years ago
Hello! The first question to ask is: Do you have a temperature? Often fever is an indicator of infection that must be treated with antibiotics !!!! If yes, go see a doctor! If not, check for heat in the throat near the lymph nodes! It may also be a skin infection in the area of the lymph nodes! If all answers are NO, relieve with advil (if no allergy and no other rx), throat freezing tablets and gargle with water and salt! That's it! Have a good day!

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