Irritation and dry skin under the scrotum: what to do?

41 -year-old man4 years ago
Hello, I have an irritation and dry skin under my scrotum. I have tried to use moisturizing creams but without result. The skin is not red and there are no red spots. This could be caused by the razor blade cream. I have tried several types of body wash and laundry soap. I see that it is really dry because when I scratch I see dead skin fall off and it is whitish like dead skin lol. I don't think it's a s.t.m. what treatment would be appropriate?
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2 days

Alexandre Chagnon · 4 years ago
Good morning, sir, In order to guide you, can you tell me the name of the moisturizing creams you tried? And for how long did you apply the creams?
41 -year-old man · 4 years ago
I have been looking for dry skin level. I have applied a few times in the evening but with no results.
Alexandre Chagnon · 4 years ago
Okay, thanks for the details. First, when it comes to skin irritation, it's important to try to reduce exposure to irritants. In other words, find out what might be causing it and stop applying it to the skin. You're talking about shaving cream. If this one is new, try switching to another product. You may be reacting to this particular cream. Also, avoid shaving the area for a few days to minimize irritation. For dry skin and irritation, two creams are helpful in your case. The first is a moisturizing cream like Nivea that you used for a few nights. However, you need to apply it more regularly, like twice a day (morning and evening) for at least 5 to 7 days. Then, and this is the one that should relieve the itch the most on the spot, you should use a low strength cortisone cream (like hydrocortisone). You can find this cream in the pharmacy, in the aisles, under the name hydrocortisone or Cortate. Apply this twice a day for a week as well, but at different times than the moisturizer (to avoid diluting the cortisone).
Alexandre Chagnon · 4 years ago
Have a nice day, Alexandre

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