My son touches his ears often?

34-year-old woman6 months ago
If my 2 year old son touches his earlobes often, is that a sign of an ear infection? He had a little cold last week but no fever and his nose didn't run much. Then, his ears are not red. I hesitate to go see a doctor.
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Naji-tom Samaha · 6 months ago
Hello Ma'am,
Is he having any other symptoms? How is his general condition? How long have you noticed this?
34-year-old woman · 6 months ago
His overall condition is very normal. Nothing different
it's been a week since we noticed him playing on his ears.
he has no other symptoms. He will cough a little bit and run a little bit from his nose, but that's it
Naji-tom Samaha · 6 months ago
Thanks for the ride home!
In this case, only monitoring is recommended. As long as he is not complaining of pain, has a fever, his general condition is not deteriorating, and he continues to eat/drink normally, there is no need to worry.
Hopefully I have been helpful, I remain available if you have any further questions!
Tom Samaha, Pharmacist
34-year-old woman · 6 months ago
I thank you so much for your help!
Have a nice day!
Naji-tom Samaha · 6 months ago
It's a pleasure, have a nice day too!

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