Can I start taking my birth control pills and have sex now 5 weeks post partum

32-year-old woman 6 days ago
Hello, I am neay 5 weeks post partum and I am still having miniscule amounts of lochia, which I know is normal, my question is, could I start taking my birth control pills and having sex or must I really wait for the 6 week mark?
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Jean-Samuel Poisson · 6 days ago
it is often recommended to wait at least 6 weeks post partum before taking a birth control pill, but the time required can vary based on many different factors. If your doctor has recommended to wait 6 weeks, I would advise to follow that. To make sure I give you the best advice, I have some questions for you :
  1. Are-you breastfeeding?
  2. What's the name of your birth control pill?
  3. Do you take any other medication?
32-year-old woman · 5 days ago
Hello, thank you for your reply. I am breastfeeding and I was prescribed Norethindrone Tablets. I do not take any other medications.
Jean-Samuel Poisson · 5 days ago
In that case, you can start the norethindrone pill now. Because it's a progestogen-only pill, it can be started before 6 weeks post partum. This should not have any impact on breastfeeding. If less than 85% of the feeds are breastfeeds, then you should use an additional back-up contraception (e.g. condom) for at least the first seven days. If 85% or more of the feeds are breastfeeds and you are less than 6 months post partum and you didn't have a return of your menses, then no additional back-up contraception is required. After that, it is important to note that the norethindrone pill can be less effective than other kinds of contraceptives, because it contains only 1 kind of hormone instead of 2, so if you want to reduce as much as possible the risk of pregnancy, you should continue the use of an additional back-up contraception (e.g. condom), especialy after the breastfeeding is over.
Does that answer your question?
32-year-old woman · 3 days ago
Yes, thank you
Jean-Samuel Poisson · 3 days ago
No problem. Have a nice day! 🙂
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