Bump behind the calf, slight localized pain if I press. What to do?

62-year-old woman3 months ago
I have already had 2 phlebitis. Factor V of Lieden. The 2nd time I had a small lump behind my calf like now. Slight pain when I pressed.
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Naji-tom Samaha · 3 months ago
Hello ma'am, thank you for your question, but the situation you describe requires the attention of a physician. In fact, only doctors can provide a diagnosis and I think we need a clear diagnosis before we attempt a treatment option. Otherwise, we risk causing negative effects without the benefits of treatment, as well as causing a delay in addressing your current situation.
I am sorry I cannot help you at this time, the situation you describe is beyond what can be addressed on this platform.
Have a nice day,
Tom Samaha, pharmacist
62-year-old woman · 3 months ago
Thank you I will go and consult
Naji-tom Samaha · 3 months ago
With pleasure, I wish you a good continuation!

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