Baby 6 weeks old with rum when to consult?

32-year-old woman3 years ago
I have a 6 weeks old baby who has a cold, he does not have fever nor respiratory difficulty he drinks well his general state is good no change on the other hand he seems to be disturbed by secretions when he sleeps (I raised the head of the bed) I try to clean his nose with the pump that we suck with a little living room it seems to work but, I do not always manage according to me to clear it completely we take showers to try to liquidize the secretions also, he has a noisy breathing of the secretion but no sign of difficulty he was in contact with children with the cold, he runs a little of the eyes but ran Before his cold two weeks ago for 3-4 days he had a cold and since 3 days it returned, when I must worry and go to consult do you have other advice
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15 hours

Alexandre Chagnon · 3 years ago
Good evening ma'am,
Yes, I have more tips for you! Actually one, and the best one in my opinion 😊.
It's all about changing your technique for getting secretions out. Because you're right, this is THE thing to do to avoid going to the doctor.
To do this, we'll use the technique recommended by St. Justine's Hospital and described on pages 6 and 7 of the following document. For a baby of this age, about 3 mL per nostril should be used, repeated about 3 to 5 times a day.
You will be impressed by the amount of mucus that such a small nose can hold!
And on the subject of going to see a doctor, one usually waits until the child has had a fever for more than about 24 hours at this age.
Tell us about it,
Alexandre Chagnon, pharmacist

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